FlushKnife BTS & FlushKnife NS

FlushKnife Diathermic Slitter 
ESD has been drawing attention as a less invasive treatment for patients. To widen the range of applications, the FlushKnifes has pursued enhanced usability. In addition to increased treatment capability derived from the needs in clinical settings, the FlushKnife series ensures greater safety with its tip design.

With the comfortable usability offered, the FlushKnife are suitable for versatile treatments. Aimed at achieving enhanced usability ideal for all physicians from ESD trainees to skilled practitioners.

  • FlushKnife BTS has a ball tip which produces good traction during dissection. The ball tip touches a wider part of the tissue, enabling more efficient arrest of bleeding (coagulation). 
  • FlushKnife NS has a slim electrode portion tip with high voltage concentration, which realizes stronger dissection capability.
Product No. Characteristics Colour code Knife
ø Working channel

FlushKnife BTS
Ball tip, Slim Type

Yellow 2.5 mm 200 cm 2.8 mm or more

FlushKnife BTS
Ball tip, Slim Type

Black 3.0 mm 200 cm 2.8 mm or more

FlushKnife NS
Needle tip, Slim Type

Green 1.5 mm 200 cm 2.8 mm or more