Acertys is the new exclusive distribution partner of Aerogen


Acertys is the new exclusive distribution partner of Aerogen for Belgium and Luxembourg. 

Aerogen  is synonymous with the effective treatment of respiratory disease in patient groups of all ages who play a crucial role in acute, emergency and critical care units in more than 75 countries worldwide. The unique award-winning vibrating mesh technology is supported by more than 300 international patents. Aerogen is the only closed-circuit aerosol drug delivery system that reduces the risk of infectious aerosols.

As a partner of hospitals and medical specialists, Acertys always strives for the best solutions for both staff and patients. We are convinced that Aerogen is a valuable partner to expand and strengthen our product range.

Aerogen is recommended by clinical and scientific professional associations worldwide

  • GOLD: Science Committee Report 2020
  • AARC: Guideline 2020
  • ISAM: Interimrichtlijn 2020
  • Spanish Scientific Societies: Expert clinical consensus 2020
  • Chinese Thoracic Society Chinese: Respiratory Care Committee 2020
  • Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine: Position statement 2020
  • Indian Chest Society: guideline 2020