Versius®, the next-generation robotic system now available in the BENELUX

Versius-CMR Surgical -next-generation universal robotic system-minimal access surgery

It is with great pleasure to announce our exclusive partnership with CMR Surgical for the launch of Versius® in the Benelux. Versius® is the next-generation universal robotic system for minimal access surgery.


Delivering the best surgical care

The benefits of minimal access surgery for patients are well proven and include reduced pain and surgical site infectioni, as well as reduced likelihood of other surgical complications. But we know that minimal access surgery is complex and demanding to perform for a surgeon. Versius offers a tool that can help surgeons to deliver MAS.

Versius has been designed to support surgeons to perform more minimal access surgery, enabling you to operate in your own way by optimising port placement for your patient, but with all the benefits of robotics.

Versius-CMR Surgical -next-generation universal robotic system-minimal access surgery

Enhancing your surgical capabilities

Versius complements and extends what you can do, helping to improve outcomes for patients. Compared to manual laparoscopy, the fully articulated wrists, direct hand to instrument mapping, and integrated stable 3D HD visualisation on Versius provides incredible precision, control, dexterity and superb depth perception. This gives you the means to perform surgical steps with greater accuracy and ease.

Versius-CMR Surgical -next-generation universal robotic system-minimal access surgery

Operating ergonomically

Laparoscopic surgery is physically and mentally demanding, causing three in four surgeons to experience back pain.ii

Versius has instinctive instrument and vision controls and an open console design allowing you to sit upright or stand, keeping you comfortable for longer each day, with the potential to prolong your career.

Versius-CMR Surgical -next-generation universal robotic system-minimal access surgery

Focusing on training and patient safety

Patient safety is a surgeon’s greatest priority. In line with the IDEAL framework, our clinical registry monitors patient outcomes to ensure patient safety. The registry is a pivotal tool for continuous learning and feedback for the surgical community. 

Versius-CMR Surgical -next-generation universal robotic system-minimal access surgery

Ongoing training and support

Training for us is about the whole surgical team. We believe in a long-term partnership to deliver the highest surgical care. Our friendly, expert teams of professional trainers go above and beyond to deliver a comprehensive training programme for Versius. The data from our clinical registry will help us identify high performers. Analysis of their techniques will enable us to identify best practice which can be shared with other users.

Our professional trainers will visit sites after clinical use has commenced to assess practice and provide ongoing guidance where necessary.

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