Aerogen Ultra - Vibrating Mesh Nebulisation System

Delivering inhaled medication, faster and more effectively.2,3,4

The Aerogen® Ultra is an accessory specific to the Aerogen Solo nebuliser. It facilitates intermittent and continuous nebulisation, with optional supply of supplemental oxygen to paediatric and adult patients via mouthpiece. The device can alternatively be used with a face mask, as supplied.
It is a single patient use device which is qualified for 20 intermittent use treatments (at a rate of four 3 ml doses per day over 5 days) or 3 hours of continuous use.
For continuous use, the Aerogen Ultra can be used in conjunction with the Aerogen Solo Continuous Nebulization Tube Set.
Optimal aerosol delivery is achieved with valved mouthpiece or valved aerosol face mask with low/no oxygen flow.

The Aerogen Ultra is for use in spontaneous and conscious breathing patients only.

  • An all-in-one solution for convenience and savings
  • Offers a hands-free, high performance aerosol drug delivery system which provides optimal patient care
  • Operates with ventilated and nonventilated patients when coupled with the Aerogen Ultra
  • Does not heat or degrade medication
Post Ventilation Care

For patients inhalation treatments after ventilation, the Aerogen Ultra is a handheld device designed to enable the Aerogen Solo to deliver optimal aerosol therapy2 and can be used during the weaning process.1

Emergency Care

For patient’s requiring fast and effective inhalation medication delivery during exacerbations, the Aerogen Ultra delivers inhaled medication faster than traditional methods such as jet nebulization.2,4

Better Lung Deposition

The Aerogen Ultra, with an innovative aerosol chamber, effectively delivers inhaled medication to the patient.2

Simple & Quiet

Easy to set up and virtually silent operation, the Aerogen Ultra can be used with a mouthpiece or mask, with or without O2 depending on the patient treatment needs.1

6x more inhaled medication delivered to the lungs.2*

85% of patients in respiratory distress achieved symptom control with a single Salbutamol treatment.3*

37 mins reduction in ED median length of stay3* for patients treated using Aerogen Ultra.


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