Lockado™ G-Type

Quality in a new size

With the clips Lockado™, MICRO-TECH has set a new standard for clip-based haemostasis. Its span of 20 mm can enclose a particularly large amount of tissue, so that even larger lesions, defects and tumors can be treated with just a few clips.

In addition to ten teeth, he is also equipped with two hooks, which help to hold the tissue in place and offer optimal support during fixation.

A product by MICRO-TECH

Art. No. LOCK-G-26-230-C, more information is available in the catalog Haemostasis.

  • Maximum span up to 20mm
  • Stop bleeding quickly and safely
  • Increased compression pressure
  • Ten teeth ensure ideal hold
  • Repeated opening and closing before fixation
  • Good fixation due to better adaptation of tissue
  • Reliable closure for large defects
  • Short clip segment for minimized tissue damage
  • Precise control even in angled areas
  • Reliable 360° bidirectional rotation
  • MRI ready