Exacto® Cold Snare


Clinically proven to achieve a significantly high rate of complete resection, the Exacto cold snare offers control and placement for a precise, clean cut.

The Exacto snare supports the cold snare polypectomy technique and can be used to resect a variety of different types of polyps in multiple sizes (small, diminutive and large). 

A product by STERIS Endoscopy
Features & benefits

How the Exacto snare works

Clinical evidence and guidelines support cold snare polypectomy by strong recommendation, high-quality evidence for the removal of diminutive (≤5 mm) and small (6-9mm) lesions due to high complete resection rates, efficiency in technique, and safety profile. Cold snare polypectomy decreases risks such as injury to submucosal arteries, delayed bleeding, and perforation associated with other polypectomy techniques. As cold snaring becomes the standard for subcentimeter polyps and expands into the removal of larger polyps, the Exacto® cold snare is leading the way with clinical data to drive changes in medical practice. The Exacto snare has been specifically designed to optimize cold resection with a 9mm mini snare size that reduces the risk of creating large defects during cold snare polypectomy. The thin wire design (0.012 inch / 0.30mm) enables a clean cut while maintaining its shape and stiffness. 

Why the Exacto snare?

  • Features a shield shape design that maximizes its width for control and placement during cold snare polypectomy
  • Offers a stiff catheter that aids in placement, supports tissue transection, and decreases buckling
  • Provides balance between stiffness and flexibility due to its thin, seven braided wire configuration
  • Reduces polyp “fly away” from the resection site making it possible to collect specimen for pathology  
Product information
Sheath Diameter Length

Approxi-  mate Snare Size

2.4mm 230cm 9mm 10