Bile Duct Stent Plastic

Maximum drainage, maximum hold

The stents are available in different shapes, lengths and diameters. The ideal stent is available for each indication.

The high-quality PE-/PTFE-material of the stents ensures reliable drainage and adapts optimally to the anatomy of the patient. The flaps at the ends ensure a secure hold with minimal migration. For rapid and safe implantation. 

Different lengths and diameters available – more info in the catalog.

A product by MICRO-TECH
  • Optimum flow rate
  • Ideal adaptation to anatomy
  • Safe hold, minimal migration
  • Single-packed or pre-loaded on introduction-system
  • High x-ray visibility

Compared to the metal stents, plastic stents are more cost-effective. If the drainage is always unobstructed, the plastic stent can be removed, while the metal stent is difficult to be replaced after installation. The choice of stents should be treated according to the specific situation. Under normal circumstances, plastic stents are generally used for benign biliary diseases.