Stent esophageal for bypassing stenoses

Segmented stent with high radial force and positional stability. Optimally adapts to the anatomy. Resistant and has an elastic sleeve. Hardly any migration and can be repositioned.

The stents are characterised by very high flexibility and are available with and without covering. The working diameter of the stent is 20, 24 or 28 mm while lengths vary of between 60 and 140 mm. Therefore, the optimum solution is always at hand for every indication

A product by MICRO-TECH

Different lengths and diameters available – more info in the catalogue

  • Self-expanding
  • Nitinol mesh with atraumatic ends
  • Excellent positional stability and high radial force
  • Resistant and elastic covering
  • Fully covered stents available
  • Parylene coated
  • High radiopacity
  • Extraction threads for removal and repositioning
  • Guide wire-compatible up to 0.035 inches