Stapler for Tissue-Selecting Therapy

Touchstone® specialises in the development of advanced surgical devices that enhance clinical performance, minimise risk and improve patient outcomes. Technologies unique to Touchstone include:

– Rotating Blade System (RBS). This technology is designed to reduce leakage and bleeding at the anastomotic site by removing the conventional blade chopping motion seen with other circular staplers

– Power-CutTM. This technology uses 440 stainless steel which has undergone a hardening process to ensure a clean cut through the tissue adjacent to the staple line

A product by TOUCHSTONE
Item no. Procedure Description Units
TST36-S180 TST STARR 36 mm anvil diameter, 34 staples, closed staple height 0.75-1.8 mm 1
TST33-S180 PPH 33 mm anvil diameter, 32 staples, closed staple height 0.75-1.5 mm 1