Flow Regulator DOSI-FLOW®

DOSI-FLOW® is a high-precision flow regulator that constitutes a practical and reliable solution when therapy requires an infusion at a specific flow rate and for a specific time.

  • Three-component design: Superior performance over time
  • High Accuracy
  • Quick and Simple
  • Different configurations
  • Needle-free connectors – CLABSI prevention
Ultimate precision, safe & reliable

Constant flow rate over time is designed to regulate the flow in IV administration with maximum efficiency, safety, and precision.


Special “three-body” design

It consists of three pieces that guarantee that the inlet and outlet tubes are aligned regardless of the position of the dial, ensuring maximum infusion precision.



Once initially set, the flow remains constant throughout the infusion process making subsequent checks or adjustments to the regulator unnecessary.



The two-handed adjustment system avoids the risk of inadvertent dial movements.


Simplicity and comfort

Installation, calibration, and adjustment are done in a very short time and very easy and comfortable.


System is suitable for all types of drug containers and most I.V. solutions.


Flow ranges

Wide range from 5 to 250 ml/hour.


Full range

Standard regulator with or without Needle-Free Y-site. Regulator with a safety system. Regulator with or without infusion set. 20 or 60 drops/ml for standard infusion or small flow rates. Regulator for photosensitive medications.