EndoClot® Adhesive

EndoClot® PHS is a single use medical device consisting of Absorbable Modified Polymers (AMP®) and a unique powder delivery system (applicator).

It is a safe and effective method to control bleeding in both upper and lower GI tracts. It works particularly well for large, oozing to moderate bleeding wounds, such as ulcer bleeding, tumor bleeding and EMR/ESD.

It is capable of being applied to lesions that may be located in hard to reach areas. It is also useful to prevent re-bleeding post EMR/ESD and can be used as an add-on therapy to control bleeding with any other conventional techniques.

  • Unique Powder Delivery System with easy control and occlusion free
  • Ability to access hard to reach bleeding sites
  • Complimentary with other hemostasis techniques
A product by EndoClot
Supplier References Description AMP Particles Catheter Length (cm) 
EndoClot® EPK2302 Endoclot® PHS 2g 230
EndoClot® EPAC-2 EndoClot® Air Compressor n.a. n.a.
EndoClot® EPAA230 EndoClot® Catheter n.a. 230