FMH Medical starts distributing UVC Dosimeters from Intellego Technologies

UVC Dosimeters

UVC Dosimeters are photochromic indicators that change color based on the accumulated dose of invisible UV-C irradiation that is delivered to a surface. The color change helps users see if surfaces have received enough energy to kill or inactivate viruses, bacteria and spores.

UVC Dosimeters are a necessary component of successful ultraviolet disinfection – because they validate three key areas:

1. Effectiveness: UVC Dosimeters give you visible evidence that your device is actually emitting germicidal UV-C.

2. Efficiency: UVC Dosimeters let you see when you’ve delivered a target dose to a variety of surfaces around a room or on objects within a disinfection chamber.

3. Safety: UVC Dosimeters enable you to demonstrate where UV-C irradiation is extending so you can avoid unintended exposure to humans or animals. 


Any questions about the UVC Dosimeters or UV-C light?
Contact our UV-C specialist Mike Hulsebosch at or +31651585297

Dane Rönnholm van Intellego Technologies
Mike Hulsebosch (Infection Control - FMH Medical) and Dane Rönnholm (Intellego Technologies)