Acertys enters the world of Artificial Intelligence


ArtiQ, an innovative company developing artificial intelligence (AI) software for the respiratory field, and Acertys, the leading partner for medical technologies for diagnostic care solutions in the Benelux, announce a partnership agreement to bring the ArtiQ.PFT software to hospitals in Belgium and Luxemburg.


ArtiQ.PFT is a software that automates the interpretation of pulmonary function tests (PFTs). Next to standardizing protocoling, the AI-based software also provides highly accurate probabilities of disease presence for eight lung diseases helping to reach the final diagnosis faster and easier. This partnership allows pulmonologist to gain access to a fully integrated solution of hardware and software for pulmonary function testing via a single partner.


ArtiQ is a KU Leuven spin-off company that was founded earlier this year as a result of 5 years of extensive research involving both artificial intelligence engineers and medical experts in the respiratory field. ArtiQ.PFT is developed to support pulmonologists in their diagnostic process. The automation of the protocolling allows to boost consistency in reporting and will enable doctors to focus on clinical decision making and patient consultation.

The AI component of the software provides probabilities for disease presence, which has proven to be almost two times as accurate as pulmonologists in a multi-center study. This holds the potential to come to a final diagnosis faster, with fewer additional testing. ArtiQ.PFT has undergone extensive validation on already close to 40.000 patients at UZ Leuven where the software is developed and used to create reports for each patient since February 2018. The software obtained CE marking earlier this month.


Marko Topalovic, CEO and co-founder of ArtiQ: “This first partnership is key in our aim to bring our technology to hospitals in Europe. Acertys is a trusted partner for many pulmonary function test labs in Belgium and Luxemburg and this agreement will allow our customers to obtain an integrated solution from one partner already from today.” He further adds: “In the same way, with new partners, we plan to continue to expand to different European countries.”

André Morias, General Manager Acertys: "This partnership subscribes our vision and mission to bring innovation to the Healthcare community. Embrace clinical and technological solutions like ArtiQ.PFT AI will enhance quality in care and help patient outcome in particular."