Endoscopic Linear Cutter (ELC)

BendosTM ELC

Endoscopic Linear Cutter and Loading Unit


A product by TOUCHSTONE
Features & benefits

OTCTM - Optimal Tissue Control

Strengthened anvil to provide optimal tissue grasp force

  • Avoid tissue milkout, over compression and damage

TGCTM - Permanent Balanced Tissue Gap Control

Enhanced Two-Levers Gap Control Technology

  • Ensure consistent "B" shape staple formation
  • Ensure safe stapling & transection

Three Different Shaft Lengths (Short / Medium / Long) ELC-GS / ELC-GM / ELC-GL

Each handle can be reloaded with any color or length of loading unit and cn be reloaded and fired up to 25 times.

Articulating Loading Unit

  • 0° / 22° / 45° degrees making i easier to reach deep tissue
  • Shorter articulation joint position allows for articulation in a cinfined area

Different Colors of Loading Unit for Different Tissues Thickness

  • White 2.5mm   thin tissue
  • Blue 3.5mm / Gold 4.2mm   normal tissue
  • Green 4.8mm   thick tissue