exofin fusion®

exofin fusion® Skin Closure System

Exofin fusion® is suitable for any situation where a surgeon would typically use sutures or staples and provides clear advantages over other wound closure methods.

  • Pure OCA (100%) + Accelerant + MESH
  • Dries in 45 seconds
  • 1-2 minutes operating time
  • Slight exothermic reaction
Our Pre-Sterilized Tray Provides for a Stable & Clean Workspace

Exofin fusion® is available in three sizes

  • 22cm is ideal for medium incisions
  • 30cm is ideal for orthopedic use
  • 60cm for long incisions up to 58cm in length

Each skin closure system features our unique curved mesh and sufficient 2-octyl cyanoacrylate adhesive packaged in a double sealed, pre-sterlized tray, providing a stable and clean workspace right out of the box to save time in the operating room.

Item Number Product description Qty per box
EF70422 Fusion Wound Closure System 22 cm 1 mesh, 2 tubes
EF70430 Fusion Wound Closure System 30 cm 1 mesh, 2 tubes
EF70460 Fusion Wound Closure System 60 cm 2 meshes, 3 tubes