Spot® Ex Endoscopic Tattoo


Darker tattoo enables fast and easy identification.

Units per case: 10

A product by GI Supply
Features & benefits

Darker tattoo eneables fast and easy identification

  • Easier to find at future endoscopy or surgery beacuse Spot® Ex is a darker tattoo
  • Tattooing has been shown to reduce OR time by up to 40 min

The #1 endoscopic tattoo choice of gastroenterologists

  •  Robust clinical evidence documented through more than 30 peer reviewed published studies and society guidelines
  • Used in more than 5 million cases globally, with no reported adverse events

Tattooing with Spot® Ex is cost effective

  • Tattooing with Spot® Ex is cost effective with dedicated reimbursement
  • Tattooing is reimbursed as a submucosal injection CPT code 45381