Mini OTSC®

The mini OTSC® System Set consists of an applicator cap with a mounted clip, thread, thread retriever and a hand wheel for clip release.

A product by Ovesco
The Mini OTSC® clip

The mini OTSC® clip is delivered by means of an applicator cap mounted to the tip of endoscopes. By turning the hand wheel, the white application ring is pulled towards the distal end of the cap and the clip is released.

The mini OTSC® clip for flexible endoscopy is a superelastic Nitinol® device for compression and approximation of tissue in the digestive tract.

Based on its unique design the clip closes itself and firmly anchors the tissue to be compressed for hemorrhage or closure of a GI organ wall lesion. Due to its smart material properties, the mini OTSC® clip delivers constant force at the application site securing the therapeutic effect. The mini OTSC® clip is made of a biocompatible and MR conditional material and can remain in the body as a longterm implant.

Use of the mini OTSC® System Set

The new compact design of the mini OTSC® System allows the use of the application technique of the proven OTSC® System for small lumen or difficult to access lesions in the gastrointestinal tract.

Dimensions and specifications

Features and sizes of the applicator caps:

The mini OTSC® applicator cap is suitable for endoscopes with a diameter from 8.5 – 10 mm and has a cap depth of 6 mm.

Features of the clips:

The mini OTSC® Clip is a smaller version of the OTSC® Clip 11 and is available in one size with two different shapes of teeth (types a and t).

Ordering Information
Item No. Description Thread length Endoscope Dim. Ø Cap depth

mini OTSC® System Set, mini/6a (165 cm) 

165 cm 8.5 - 10 mm 6 mm - blunt teeth
100.02 mini OTSC® System Set, mini/6t (165 cm) 165 cm 8.5 - 10 mm 6 mm- pointed teeth