AGS Cold Polypectomy Snare

Cold snare for small polyps resection

  • Applying to take out the foreign body which is strip shaped, such as plastic stent.
  • Connect firmly, available for rotation operation, and well controllability.
  • PTFE sheath, easy operation and excellent insulativity.
A product by AGS Medtech
Item no. Description O.D. (mm) Loop Width (mm) Working Length (mm) Wire Diameter (mm) Working Channel (mm)
AG-5335-241023 Oval, Rotatable 2.4 10 2300 0.24 Ø2.8
AG-5335-241523 Oval, Rotatable 2.4 15 2300 0.24 Ø2.8
AG-5336-241023 Hexagon, Rotatable 2.4 10 2300 0.24 Ø2.8
AG-5336-241523 Hexagon, Rotatable 2.4 15 2300 0.24 Ø2.8