SURESTORE™ Storage & Endoscope Transport System


Manufactured by our experienced engineers and technical staff, the SURESTORE™ Storage System provides the gold standard in long-term ‘active’ aseptic storage and transportation of endoscopes (including GI and theatre-based scopes).

A product by Cantel
Features & benefits

Conditioned directly from an endoscope washer disinfector, and completely negating the need for time-consuming air drying, the SURESTORE Storage System solution validates each scope for storage up to 100 days.

The unique design and technology from SURESTORE Storage System provides a ‘patient ready’ packaged endoscope in under 10 minutes, providing an efficient process to meet the demands of a busy decontamination department.

SURESTORE Storage System enables endoscopes to be easily prepared in advance for emergency situations, out of hours, weekend, and off-site endoscopy work. The endoscopes can be transported to various departments within a hospital, or to secondary sites, using the TRAVELSCOPE™ Transit Case, or the TRANSCOPE™ & STORASCOPE™ Lockable Carts.

  • Validated storage for 100 days
  • Independent monitoring system
  • Fully traceable cycle data
  • Flexible storage and transportation solution
  • Independently validated by Biotech Germande