LapShield™ Wound Retractor

Elastic Abdominal Retractor for Minilaparotomy

  • Maximizes exposure, minimizes incision size
  • Reduces the risk of wound infections
  • Offers ultimate versatility
  • Applicable for a variety of surgeries

360 Degrees Atraumatic Retraction       

  • Distributes force evenly for optimal field of view
  • Allows for maximum exposure with a minimum incision size
  • Soft materials and evenly dispersed tension promote patient post-operative comfort

360 Degrees Protection        

  • Significantly decreases wound infection
  • Allows visualization of wound margins
  • Maintains moisture at the incision site
  • Protects wound from contamination while helping to keep wound edges moist

Ultimate Versatility

  • Unique design facilitates rapid and effortless set-up
  • Multiple sizes accommodate a wide range of surgeries

Easily Placed and Removed

  • Inserts in seconds
  • Flexible ring slips gently into incision
  • Removes with one finger

Innovative Attachment Ring

  • Provides greater retraction and exposure for working area
  • Clear and stable access to the body
  • Finger hole design for effortless removal