Vivostat® System

The Vivostat® System is the world’s only system for on-site preparation and application of autologous concentrated fibrin and platelet enriched fibrin sealants. 
The Vivostat sealants (Vivostat® Fibrin, Vivostat® PRF, Obsidian® ASG, Obsidian® RFT and ArthroZheal®) provide hemostasis, tissue sealing and tissue repair for a range of surgical areas enabling faster and better clinical outcomes.

The fully automated Vivostat® system consists of three components:

The Processor Unit

The Processor Unit is used to process the patient’s blood and prepare the Vivostat® Fibrin Sealant or Vivostat® PRF solution.

The Applicator Unit

The Applicator Unit controls the delivery of the Vivostat® solution to the site of treatment.

The Disposable Set

The single-use set contains all components needed for preparation and application of Vivostat® Fibrin Sealant or Vivostat® PRF. It is available with a range of application devices each optimised for different types of applications.

Processor Unit
Processor Unit

In approx.  25 min a concentrated fibrin sealant or PRF® solution is prepared from the patient's whole blood.

The Processor Unit can be located in any room or corridor in the operating department. It is most often placed centrally between the operating theatres. This way one Processor Unit can supply a number of operating theatres.

The Processor Unit is operated by a single button and a display keeps the nurse informed of the remaining process time and status at all times. No specific installation is required and the large wheelbase makes moving it easy.