Carescape Central Station

Designed for space optimization and workflow efficiency, the CARESCAPE Central Station transforms an ordinary central station into a clinician-centric workstation. By integrating monitoring and historical data from multiple sources, it helps you make fast, confident decisions, all in an efficient, space-saving package.

Powerful insight. Streamlined design.

The CARESCAPE™ Central Station brings you more ways to view patient information. Connectivity to more data sources. Deeper insights to patients’ conditions. Highly efficient workflows. All in a neat, space-saving package.

You get the same clinical capabilities you’ve come to expect, with an expanded selection of hardware and display options to suit your needs.

The CARESCAPE Central Station transforms a central monitoring system into a clinician workstation. It integrates monitoring and historical data from multiple sources and presents it to caregivers, helping them make sound decisions, reduce errors, and deliver clinical excellence.