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Mirai Medical

The incredible new EndoVE system from Mirai Medical, has been clinically validated for patients with inoperable colorectal and oesophageal cancer; and has proven to be a simple and safe technique. EndoVE delivers precision non-thermal ablation, targeting tumour tissue whilst preserving surrounding healthy tissue structures. ePORE electroporation and EndoVE are repeatable and leave standard treatment options available. Medical innovation at its very best!


AnX Robotica

Founded in 2008, Ankon together with their sister brand AnX Robotica, developed the brilliant NaviCam system, utilising advanced robotic technologies combined with both innovative & intelligent software. Their NaviCam small bowel capsule with AI has been recognised by Gastroenterology as being the “New Era of Diagnosis of Small Bowel Disease”. Applying this technology to devices to view both the stomach and the small bowel, has provided huge leaps in efficiency for the clinician and delivered sensitivity and detection previously unseen in capsule endoscopy.



Vytil have over 25 years of expertise in distribution of medical devices throughout Europe, Vytil products exceed expectations in terms of quality, safety, and value for money. Usability & innovation is at the centre of everything they do. Vytil listens to the needs of their end-users & ensure they provide the medical community with best in class products.

medical training tools

Medical Training Tools

Mart Mulders founded Medical Training Tools in 2014. After almost two decades in the medical field, including first-hand experience in assisting anaesthesiologists and as a trainer of medical devices, Mart knows how vital proper training is for healthcare professionals. Training increases the speed and dexterity with which procedures are performed and minimises the errors that lead to complications. Particularly with today’s emphasis on transparency, low complication rates are critical for success.



Lumendi are passionately committed to creating technologies that enable endoscopists to perform at a higher level and minimise risk and recovery times for patients.

Their flagship DiLumen technology transformed the endosurgery landscape. Through their partnerships with leading GI physicians and colorectal surgeons, Lumendi have continually used their real-world insights to create innovative enhancements that put more control into their hands.



Combining already established gold-standard procedures with their patented micro-hydaulic technology, G-Surg have developed GerdX to archive minimally invasive gastroenterologic procedures.

G-Surg focus on the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), resection of gastro intestinal stroma tumors (GIST), and incisionsless bariatric procedures (EWL)