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Duomed UK has a range of dedicated services from specialists procurement and managed inventory through to clinical training.

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Watchman Managed Inventory

Duomed UK are driven to making our customer's life easier through dedicated service and support. Our Watchman Managed Inventory can help you reduce the cost of holding unnecessary inventory and streamline stock management within your hospital. In addition to working hand-in-hand with your procurement and clinical teams, we seamlessly ensure you have what you need, when you need it.


Funds can be invested in other areas

  • Ownership only shifts upon use by the trust
  • Removes investment in stock sat idle on shelves

Stock management remains responsibility of Duomed UK

  • Regular stock checks and summary reports
  • Replacement or stock rotation

Stock management by Duomed UK Employees

  • Agreed inventory levels, accounting for fluctuations
  • Reduction in time required by nurse or support staff to check and order stock

Reduction in number of P.O’s generated

  • Consolidated weekly or monthly P.O
  • Agreed yearly call off against one single P.O

Innovative Procurement

Are you a...

A clinician with a great idea for a new product?

A distributor looking for a partner for product development?

An end-user that would love to enhance a current device?

Or simply someone looking to work with a creative design team, with manufacturing solutions to bring your ideas to life?

If so, don't hesitate to contact us we would love to hear from you.

Collaboration is key!

At Duomed UK, we are constantly seeking to source best-in-class products and groundbreaking technology. Whether this be a new improved derivative of an old favourite or a new technological advancement, we are always interested in bringing this to our customers in the UK. We are open to ideas from clinicians and their teams as to what would make their professional life easier and we welcome requests to source any products that may enhance your clinical practice.

Clinical Training

Training increases the speed and dexterity with which procedures are performed and minimises the errors that lead to complications. Particularly with today’s emphasis on transparency, low complication rates are critical for success. Whether an experienced gastroenterologist, a medical student, or a surgical nurse, staying current with rapidly developing medical equipment and techniques is a challenge. For patient safety, it is essential to successfully master new procedures using refined or even familiar equipment before reaching the operating room. Trying to squeeze training into your already over-scheduled life is difficult.

Duomed UK are proud to introduce The T(ractus) D(igestives) Box. The TD-Box makes hard- or showcase training easy and professional. For instance, it brings medical training with (animal) models to the next level. With a compact training box equipped with dark and transparent covers, convenient storage facilities, and is compatible with all major electrocautery brands.

The TD Box has been successfully used for the following training modules:

  • Foreign body management
  • Self-expandable metal stents training
  • Bleed arrestment with probes, clips, spray, and argon-plasma coagulation
  • Complication management and fistula closure using large clips
  • Endoscopic submucosal dissection
  • Polypectomy and endoscopic mucosal resection
  • Dilatation and banding in the oesophagus
td box

Foreign Body Management

The ingestion of foreign bodies (FB) is a common clinical problem, and endoscopic removal is usually recommended. Accessories like nets, baskets, overtubes and graspers are continually being developed for the safe and quick removal of foreign bodies. TD-box is designed for extensive and realistic training with all these instruments and therefore is ideal for workshops and “hands-on” sessions.

The two types of covers provide a variety of training options, depending on the target audience and their experience.

The foreign-body kit contains all materials that are most often swallowed like batteries, razor blades, and part of toys. The two sides of the kit, adult, and children, have pre-shaped forms for easy categorising and storing your support materials.

Self-expandable Metal Stenting

Stenting is a routine procedure in most hospitals and indications are increasing for stent insertion in the oesophagus, and various other parts of the GI tract. The number of available “indication-related expandable stents” is rising accordingly. Keeping abreast of new surgical technologies is one of the most challenging aspects of medicine today and as with any other procedure, exhaustive training in stenting is essential for both doctors and preoperative nurses to promote optimal patient outcomes.

The TD-box is designed for the training of all steps involved in most forms of upper GI stenting. Naturally, stenting is performed within the body. Utilising the transparent cover of the TD-Box with dry lab exercises augments comprehension of this procedure.

Bleed & Complication Management

Numerous techniques have been developed to treat bleeding and perforations in the GI tract, the most common are mechanical hemostasis clips, variceal banding, argon plasma coagulation, probes, and injection sclerotherapy.

Mastering techniques for bleeding and complication management is essential to ensure the positive outcome of procedures.

The TD-Box is perfect for professional workshops that will provide invaluable training in complication management. It is designed for the training of all techniques mentioned and in different configurations, with or without electrocautery.


Polypectomy, endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR), and endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) treatment have become more effective and less invasive.

To improve cognitive and procedural skills and minimise complication risk, thorough training for physicians and surgical nurses is essential. The TD-Box is designed for all EMR/ESD training configurations (colon/rectum/oesophagus/stomach).

Compatible with all popular electrocautery brands, the TD-Box provides realistic and constructive wet-lab training sessions.


Endoscopy departments treat patients daily for bile-duct disorders. A common example is a gallstone obstruction. Plastic or self-expandable stents can be placed to ensure the flow of bile from the bile duct. The techniques of stone extraction, positioning of stents, and the accompanying technical challenges (such as an emergency procedure for Lithotrypsia) can easily be practiced in the safe environment of simulation.

These techniques require specialist knowledge and skills to perform them. even for those experienced in endoscopy, training is required for continually evolving techniques, equipment and procedures before treatment of patients. The TD-Box, the upper-GI model in combination with the biliary-tree kit, are ideal for flexible simulation sessions. Without the odour, hygiene issues and hassles of animal models and more conveniently than heavy, awkward simulation dummies.

The clear upper-GI model is particularly ideal for explaining procedures in group training sessions, everyone can see precisely where the endoscope is placed and how the equipment needs to be manoeuvred. This also brings discussions of possible complications to life, and staff will be able to better explain the procedures to patients.

Suturing/Suture Techniques

Bonding techniques are expanding at a breakneck speed within specialist gastroenterology. By attaching revolutionary systems to an endoscope and/or by the work channels of the endoscopes in advance, gastroenterologists can attach tissue in new and ingenious ways.

Extensive test cases have proven the TD Box in combination with the upper GI models are perfect for training these techniques.

The upper GI model—primarily the “stomach” tissue, can be pierced with the appropriate instruments and then pulled in many directions. This ensures that the stitches can be made, or the specifically designed adhesive materials can be attached to the right place.