Bite Blocks

Wide and complete range of bite blocks to protect the teeth and the endoscope during digestive endoscopies:

  • with tissue or caoutchouc strap,
  • with or without an oxygen connector,
  • pediatrics for children and smaller mouth openings, 
  • "large sizes" suitable for larger mouth openings
Item No. Description Strap Opening Diameter
NLS/BBA Ergonomic bite-block Spantex 20mm / 60FR
NLS/BBS-02 Bite-block with oxygen connector Spantex 17.8x26mm / 53FR
VTL/BT07 Pediatric Bite Block Spantex 19 x 16mm / 48FR
CJ-JHY-KD-B1 Ergonomic bite-block Rubber 20mm / 60FR