Soft Anal Band

Soft Anal Band is a long-term implant for the treatment of faecal incontinence.

Faecal incontinence affects both women and men of all ages, and can dramatically impair their quality of life. This may lead to severe mental disorders, which then may result in isolation and depression. In addition, many of the sufferers are elderly people requiring home care, which is made all the more difficult by the incontinence.


The A.M.I. Anal Band offers a solution in the treatment of faecal incontinence. It gives the patient full control over the activity of the sphincter. Both the operation and the positioning of the implants can be adjusted to the specific needs of the patient.

  • Easy manual operation gives patients total control of the sphincter function.
  • Subcutaneous implantation means no body cavities need to be opened.
  • System operation and positioning of parts can be adjusted to suit individual patient requirements.
  • A quick glance at the activator lying under the skin shows whether the artificial sphincter is open or closed.