Clutch Cutter

The Clutch Cutter is designed for incision, dissection and coagulation with a single instrument.

  • Rotatable, toothed jaws help the device to easily & precisely grasp the mucosal tissue.
  • Serrated Jaws to securely grip the mucous membrane.
  • Insulated outer edge to minimize the risk of damaging tissue.
  • The tip is designed to enhance safety and treatment capability.
  • Rotating Jaws to approach the lesion at a more precise angle.
Model Identifier Knife length (mm) Working Length (mm) Suitable working (channel)
DP2618DT -35-  - 35 - 3.5 1,800 2.8
DP2618DT -50- - 50 - 5.0 1,800 2.8