Acertys and Fujifilm are proud partners of GIEQs

GIEQs 2022

Acertys & Fujifilm, in collaboration with 3D Matrix, are proudly partnering up with GIEQs for their highly anticipated Second Edition of the Ghent International Endoscopy Quality Symposium, focused on promoting quality in the endoscopic interventions you perform everyday. This online event will take place on 30 September & 1 October 2021.

Reserve your place now and become part of the GIEQs family!



  • High profile International and Local Faculty
  • Curated content with high production values, full HD video
  • ‘Ideas in Endoscopy’ - structured curriculum linked to our online platform GIEQs Online through use of easy-to-understand tags
  • ‘Training focus’ - if you are a trainee invaluable tips, if you are a trainer focus on how to train (Train-the-Trainers concept)
  • ‘Technique focus’ - ok, you can perform this technique, but how can I learn / start doing this technique
  • Linked to Evidence - all sessions present supporting published evidence
  • More time for in-depth exploration of decision-making and technique
  • Breakout sessions on Zoom, limited participants, meet the expert from the previous session! Extra time for questions / discussion.

The GIEQs Difference

There are many symposia on Endoscopy. Why choose GIEQs?

  • Curated Content, linked to our structured curriculum and designed to tie together the science with techiques in clinical practice
  • Integration of Key Digital Technologies. - all our content is linked via tags between our live events and online platform - GIEQs Online
  • Grounded in Training Theory - all our content is backed by established training theory
  • Published Evidence - all our content is linked to the latest published evidence and guidelines

In the meantime check out GIEQs I , now fully tagged and online.


We hope to welcome you to the GIEQs family. Let's do everyday endoscopy better!