Soluscope designs and manufactures its connectors using a high-performance, validated and controlled process.

Made of medical-grade silicon tubing and stainless steel, Soluscope connectors are extremely resistant to chemicals, which ensures lasting quality.

Repair costs to endoscopes damaged by the ingress of fluids can be significant. In order to protect your endoscopes, a continuous leak test being part of the connectors range allows overpressure in the endoscope during its reprocessing.  The connectors stay with the endoscope from the Soluscope reprocessors to the drying and storage cabinets, and thanks to a colour-coded connector system, misconnection is easily avoided. Soluscope connectors provide individual connection to ensure that the process fluids flow through each of the internal channels. Separation of the air/water channels with a specific separator allows accurate reprocessing of each channel.