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Expert speaking | Innovative Vivostat® technology in Thoracic Surgery

Dr. Bert Du Pont, Vascular and Thoracic surgeon, shares his experiences with the Vivostat® technology.
This application system is the world’s only system for on-site preparation and application of autologous concentrated fibrin and platelet enriched fibrin sealants.

CPX 2023 - 12th Update Symposium Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing

The Working Group on Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation of the Belgian Society of Cardiology join forces once again with Duomed Belgium to organise the 12th Update Symposium Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing on Saturday 3 June 2023.

Stephan GmbH extends cooperation with Duomed Belgium

We are proud to announce Fritz Stephan GmbH extended our exclusive partnership for the distribution and service of ventilation systems not only for the neonatology, but also for paediatric and adult departments.