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Gastroenterology Congres SSG, SSCV, SASL & ASPE

Bienvenue au Congrès des sociétés suisses SSG, SSCV, SASL & ASPE du 15 et 16 septembre 2022 à Interlaken. Venez nous faire une visite au stand dans la salle d'exposition.

Duomed Swiss

As of September 5, 2022 Treier Endoscopie will be changing its name to Duomed Swiss. Treier Endoscopie has been a member of the Duomed Group network since 2019. Membership of this network is now also reflected by the name.

Lumen Park Schenkon

We are investing in the future for our customers! On September 5, 2022, another highlight is on the agenda for Treier Endoscopie.