Histoguide Wire-Guided Forceps ERCP


The Histoguide® is suitable for long and short-wire ERCP systems. The serrated jaws with an opening width of 8 mm enable them to effectively grip and grasp a considerable amount of tissue. The forceps' provides access, control, positioning and maneuverability in acquiring a substantial amount of tissue needed for stricture diagnosis in the biliary tree. Special grasping forceps for safe and effective placement in the bile duct along a guide wire.

How the Histoguide wire-guided forceps work
The Histoguide wire-guided forceps provide access into the biliary duct. The wire-guide feature allows for effective placement and the serrated jaws help to acquire tissue during procedures.

Why the Histoguide wire-guided forceps?

  • Features a wire-guide for easy access into the biliary duct and guidewire placement 
  • Includes standard size biopsy forceps with serrated jaws to effectively grab and acquire tissue to aid in diagnosis
  • Offers a spring loaded handle to ensure endobiliary forceps remain in closed position to retain collected tissue samples

Histoguide wire-guided Forceps product no 711660

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ø Catheter

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The disposable wire-guided forceps
is intended to sample tissue from lesions
that can occur within the GI tract

 Compatible with a .035" guidewire

2,1 mm

2,2 mm

8,0 mm

230 cm

4,2 mm 5