BioVac Direct Suction Device

The BioVac® Direct Suction Device is designed to suction hard-to-remove, viscous materials, like gelatinous blood and stringy clots1, which may otherwise clog the control head of the endoscope. The BioVac Direct Suction Device allows for direct visualization during cleansing and evacuation by empowering the endoscope’s own suction capabilities.

  • Suction capabilities, facilitating increased volume1 and quick, powerful evacuation
  • Instrument access, enabling the clinician to utilize suction capabilities as well as provide therapeutic treatment via the accessory channel
  • Assistance in dealing with GI bleeds, colonic decompression, poor prep or retained residual food cases

1 The size of particles and volume of liquid suctioned is limited to the endoscope’s channel size.

Product No Description Suction tubing  Irrigation line
Y-Port Compatibility Unit
711511 BioVac® Direct Suction Device 244 cm 30 cm no


711513 BioVac® Direct Suction Device 244 cm 30 cm yes Olympus / Fujifilm 
(G5 series and newer)