CoinTip Snare – removal of multiple polyps

The CoinTipTM offers a differentiated solution for complex polypectomy procedures, including endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR). The innovative CoinTipTM polypectomy snare combines the advantages of different wire diameters and a distinctive distal tip for precise incisions in hot and cold resections and has unique features.

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  • The range of different wire diameters makes it easier to grasp the tissue and helps ensure a precise cut in hot and cold removal procedures
  • The delta-shaped snare (20 mm) can capture a large part of the lesions in a controlled manner: en bloc resection
  • The hexagonal snare (10 mm) offers rigidity and precision for additional control
  • The diamond-shaped snare (6 mm) enables specific placement for diminutive polyps and is useful for cleaning up resection margins
  • The snare loop maintains its shape even after multiple resections
  • The double catheter features internal strain relief for added support and reducing the chances of buckling during resection

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CoinTip Polypectomy snare with three snare sizes

2,5 mm

6 mm
10 mm
20 mm

230 cm