iSnare System - Lariat Schlinge


The iSnare System – Lariat Snare features an alternating injection needle and multi shape polypectomy snare in one device reducing the need for intraprocedural device exchange. This combination injection needle and snare is ideal for minimizing procedure time and optimizing clinical outcomes during submucosal injection polypectomy procedures including EMR (endoscopic mucosal resection) when injection is required.

How the iSnare System – Lariat Snare works

The iSnare system – Lariat snare is a single catheter device incorporating both an injection needle and multi shape polypectomy snare to be used through flexible endoscopes. The needle is intended to be used for the injection of various types of media. The multifunctional snare design helps address a variety of polypectomy needs in procedures that require multiple resections or that have varying sizes of polyps.


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iSnare polypectomy snare features an alternating injection needle
and multi-shape polypectomy snare in one device, 
active cord connection

2,5 mm

6 mm
10 mm
30 mm

230 cm

5 mm
(25 Gauge)
711119 Lariat the multiple stage polypectomy snare design makes it ideal
for the resection of numerous polyp types and sizes, 
active cord connection
2,4 mm 6 mm
10 mm
30 mm
230 cm



Why the iSnare System – Lariat Snare?

  • Features an alternating injection needle and snare operated by a multi-functional handle
  • Unique design offers three distinct sizes and shapes in one device helping to address a variety of resection needs: oval 30 x 55 mm, hex 10 x 28 mm, diamond 6 x 15 mm
  • The snare loop maintains its shape and integrity after multiple passes and anchors into tissue to easily capture lesion
  • Spring-loaded luer-lock handle offers consistent needle projection and retraction
  • Single-use multi shape polypectomy snare is available with 25 gauge needle with a 5 mm projection