Option® ELITE Retrievable Vena Cava Filter

The unique design of the Option® ELITE IVC filter offers consistent and proven clinical performance. The filter can be deployed using a standard or over-the-wire technique from antecubital, jugular, femoral, or popliteal access points. Option ELITE can also be retrieved when the patient no longer requires PE (pulmonary embolism) protection.

Universal colour-coded filter cartridge for placement via four different access sites.

Option® ELITE Retrievable Vena Cava Filter


Filter Attributes

  • Unique open apex design for easy snare capture and retention at retrieval
  • Open apex design for snare retention at retrieval
  • Single piece nitinol construction for enhanced structural integrity
  • Electropolished for increased fracture resistance
  • Innovative anchor design for stability and retrievability in cava diameters up to 30 mm
  • Curved anchors for cranial migration prevention
  • Anchor grips for caudal migration prevention
  • Leg extensions for perforation prevention

Available with a 100 cm Delivery Sheath for Popliteal Access

  • The only IVC filter indicated for popliteal access
  • Increases efficiency in DVT treatment procedures by eliminating the need for patient repositioning after placement
  • Smallest delivery system available with a 5F ID delivery sheath, enabling more access options
  • Over ten years of positive, consistent and proven clinical performance with very low risk of complications

Over-The-Wire Delivery
By delivering the Option ELITE over-the-wire, the filter is given a path to follow for a predictable and accurate placement. The additional control provided by the guidewire:

  • Stabilizes the filter’s apex during deployment
  • Places the apex in the center of the IVC
  • Positions the filter for easier retrieval

Delivery System Attributes

  • A low-profile 5F ID delivery system to reduce trauma at the access site
  • A curved pusher to aid centering and resist tilt during deployment
  • A universal cartridge for femoral/popliteal or jugular/antecubital delivery
  • Available with a 70 cm delivery sheath for delivery via jugular and femoral access or 100 cm delivery sheath for delivery via antecubital and popliteal access

The Option ELITE IVC Filter is intended for the prevention of recurrent PE via placement in the vena cava in the following conditions:

  • Pulmonary thromboembolism when anticoagulant therapy is contraindicated
  • Failure of anticoagulation therapy in thromboembolic diseases
  • Emergency treatment following massive PE when anticipated benefits of conventional therapy are reduced
  • Chronic, recurrent PE when anticoagulation therapy has failed or is contraindicated

For a complete list of the warnings, cautions, and delivery instructions, please consult the Option ELITE directions for use.

Product No Description ø Cava Sheath Length Sheath Size (ID)
352506070E Femoral or jugular access  up to 30 mm  70 cm 5F
352506100E Antecubital or popliteal access  up to 30 mm  100 cm 5F