Tru-Core™ II Automatic Biopsy Instrument

Tru-Core™ II Automatic Biopsy Instrument can be easily operated with one hand, making it ideal for procedures requiring ultrasound guidance. Its small size and light weight make it equally ideal for CT guided core biopsies.

Optional: Echogenic coaxial introducer needles

Tru-Core™ II URO Automatic Biopsy Instrument features needle sizes used specifically for prostate biopsies.

  • A 22 mm throw with a 19 mm sample notch harvests diagnostic quality specimens
  • Each instrument has an echogenic tip for accurate placement under ultrasound guidance
  • Needles are color coded for easy gauge size determination, which can be seen through the window on the bottom of the device
  • Can be used with echogenic coaxial introducer needles

Tru-Core™ II Automatic Biopsy Instrument

Product No Gauge Length Coaxial optional
763114100X 14G 10 cm MCXS1410TX
763114160X 14G 16 cm MCXS1416TX
763114200X 14G 20 cm  
763116100X 16G 10 cm MCXS1610TX
763116160X 16G 16 cm MCXS1616TX
763116200X 16G 20 cm  
763118100X 18G 10 cm MCXS1810TX
763118160X 18G 16 cm MCXS1816TX
763118200X 18G 20 cm MCXS1820TX
763120100X 20G 10 cm MCXS2010TY
763120160X 20G 16 cm MCXS2016TY
763120200X 20G 20 cm  

Tru-Core™ II URO Automatic Biopsy Instrument

Product No Gauge Length
763418200X 18G 20 cm
763418250X 18G 25 cm

Echogenic Coaxial Introducer Needles (sold separately)

Product No Gauge Length Compatible
MCXS1410TX 13G  5.1 cm 763114100X
MCXS1416TX 13G 11.1 cm 763114160X
MCXS1610TX 15G  5.1 cm 763116100X
MCXS1616TX 15G 11.1 cm 763116160X
MCXS1810TX 17G  5.1 cm 763118100X
MCXS1816TX 17G 11.1 cm 763118160X
MCXS1820TX 17G 15.1 cm 763118200X
MCXS2010TY 19G  5.4 cm 763120100X
MCXS2016TY 19G 11.4 cm 763120160X