System Blue for PDD

Early identification is the top priority for treatment of bladder tumors. This is why the systems from Richard Wolf for photodynamic diagnostics (PDD) have been contributing to make this as simple and safe as possible for more than 20 years. PDD development has reached new heights thanks to System blue! Discover the «blue» standard which will help you make the invisible visible.

  • Faster detection of tumors due to high color contrast
  • No delay in image transmission thanks to the high-speed image processor
  • Narrow-band blue LED light prevents overexposure of the tissue
  • Special cooling system enables virtually silent operation

More info about the Smart solution for PDD


Photodynamic diagnostics as a surgical technique in endourology for the early detection of non-muscle invasive bladder carcinoma (NMIBC) has been in widespread use for many years in order to reduce the risk of progression and relapses in NMIBC.

In developing System blue, a refined PDD system that has been thought out down to the finest detail, Richard Wolf is setting a new benchmark in the detection of bladder carcinoma with Hexvix®. System components optimally harmonized with the photo sensitizer achieve a significantly improved tumor fluorescence and can therefore increase the detection rate.

System Blue – become more visible