AGS Hemoclip

Rotatable, simple and safe! An easy and safe application and particularly stable clips characterize the hemostasis clip applicator. The large, individually adjustable opening width, the direct rotatability and the reopening function enable optimal placement of the clip.

  • Short tube and excellent clamp force
  • Rotatable: bi-directional synchronous rotation control 360°
  • Repositionable: possibility of multiple opening and closing
  • Removable: for the special case, the clip could be removed from the tissue
Product No Description

ø Catheter

Opening width Jaws Angle Length ø Working Channel Unit
AG-5104-2300-135 AGS Hemoclip
coated sheath green
2,6 mm 11 mm 135° 230 cm 2,8 mm 10
AG-51044-2300-135-16 AGS Hemoclip
coated sheath green
2,6 mm 16 mm 135° 230 cm 2,8 mm 10