ENDODRY™ Storage and Drying System

The ENDODRY™ Storage and Drying System continuously forces filtered air through all endoscope channels, ensuring a completely dry endoscope and reducing the risk of bacterial growth.

This Cabinet works with a rigid cassette system to eliminate free swinging of the distal tip and to protect the endoscope during transport and storage.

  • Permanent ventilation of channels eliminates residual moisture within the cabinet that can lead to bacteria growth
  • Circulation of dry filtered compressed air through each channel and around the outer sheath ensures all channels are completely dried prior to use
  • Short drying cycle improves scope turn-around time
  • Compliant with EN 16442
  • Supermicrofilter with nominal filtration rating: 0.01µm 99.9% efficiency (norm compliant with ISO 8573-1:2010 [1:4:1])

ENDODRY™ Storage and Drying System