Repositionable Breast Localization Needles (BLN)

The Breast Localization Needles are repositionable to ensure accurate placement and are available in different wire choices.


Homer BLN
The Homer BLN contains a strong, flexible J-curve wire that may be retracted and repositioned as often as necessary to achieve accurate placement.

  • Nitinol J-curve wire and stabilizer design locks the needle and wire in place, anchoring the system to prevent wire migration while protecting against unguarded needle penetration during breast compression and patient transport
  • System provides a palpable guide to the surgeon, offering a choice of paths to the lesion
  • Centimeter markings provide a reference for depth placement

Hawkins™ I BLN
The Hawkins I BLN is repositionable to achieve accurate placement. A patented side barb locks the needle in place and can be retracted for easy repositioning.

  • A lock-down disk at skin level stabilizes the needle during patient transport and is removable for maximum surgical access
  • The fixed needle design reduces risk of transection
  • Centimeter markings provide reference for depth placement
  • Hubless needle fits through all standard grids

Hawkins™ II BLN
The Hawkins II BLN is repositionable to achieve accurate placement. It has a retention barb designed to provide strong anchoring strength in the breast.

  • Wire is marked in three places: I indicates wire at distal tip of needle; II indicates side barb deployment; and III indicates distal barb deployment
  • Flexstrand, a 19-strand cable for maximum flexibility with minimal risk of transection
  • A traditional hardwire, which minimises flex during placement

Homer BLN

Product No Gauge Length Wire
231030G 20G  3 cm  3 cm
231050G 20G  5 cm 11 cm
231075G 20G 7.5 cm 13.5 cm
231100G 20G  10 cm 16.1 cm
231125G 20G 12.5 cm 18.5 cm

Hawkins™ I BLN

Product No Gauge Length Wire
251050 20G   5 cm   7.8 cm
251075 20G  7.5 cm 10.3 cm
251100 20G  10 cm 12.8 cm
251125 20G 12.5 cm 15.3 cm

Hawkins™ II BLN w/FlexStrand

Product No Gauge Length Wire
252050 20G   5 cm 14.4 cm
252075 20G  7.5 cm 19.4 cm
252100 20G  10 cm 24.4 cm
252125 20G 12.5 cm 29.4 cm

Hawkins™ II BLN w/Hardwire

Product No Gauge Length Wire
242050 20G   5 cm 14.4 cm
242075 20G  7.5 cm 19.4 cm
242100 20G  10 cm 24.4 cm
242100 20G 12.5 cm 29.4 cm