PB-30 Balloon Control Unit

The control unit is easy to operate and can be used to manipulate both balloons with precision. It is actuated using either a hand-held remote control or a foot pedal, offering the physician maximum flexibility throughout the examination.

To make the examination as easy as possible, the latest balloon control unit (PB-30) has been completely redesigned. The balloons can be controlled quite simply using an operating panel, making things easier for the physician conducting the examination. In addition, the PB-30 displays the current state of the balloons directly on the control unit. This ensures a smooth examination sequence and the utmost safety during the examination.


  • Precise balloon control
  • Direct display of balloon condition on the screen
  • Compact size and easy integration into the system


Flow rate of pump

170 ml ± 50 ml / 10 sec.

Set pressure accuracy

± 2 kpa

Set pressure of balloon

5.6 kpa


7 kg (main unit)
0.4 kg (remote switch)


50/60 Hz 0.8A

Dimensions W x H x D

145 x 170 x 410 mm