Carr-Locke Injection Needle

The Carr-Locke injection needle has become the everyday endoscopic injection needle of choice for many around the world. The Carr-Locke needle was developed to perform in the most tortuous conditions, including when the endoscope is in retroflexion or the elevator is engaged in a duodenoscope.

  • Stainless steel, teflon-coated spring sheath is designed to minimize sheath kinking and ensure consistent endoscopic needle projection every time while providing smooth insertion down the endoscope channel
  • Luer-lock, spring-loaded handle automatically retracts the injection needle, helping reduce the risk of inadvertent needle sticks and scope damage
  • The ultra-smooth distal metal hub is designed to reduce the risk of the needle perforating the catheter
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Carr-Locke injection needle

0,5 mm (25 Gauge) 5 mm 2.5 mm 230 cm 5

Carr-Locke injection needle

0,5 mm (25 Gauge) 5 mm 1.8 mm 230 cm 5