Osty-Core™ Bone Biopsy Needles

The unique tip geometry of the Osty-Core™ Bone Biopsy Needle is designed to provide exceptional needle entry and coring characteristics without distorting the biopsy specimen

  • The ergonomic handle features a twist-lock design that stabilizes the needle during placement
  • A Luer lock connector on the handle for secure syringe attachment
  • An adjustable, removable needle stop safely controls depth of penetration
  • Can be used with co-axial introducer needles

Osty-Core™ Bone Biopsy Needles

Product No Gauge Length Coaxial (optional)
OBN16075 16G  7.5 cm  
OBN16125 16G 12.5 cm MCXS1610AX
OBN16165 16G 16.5 cm MCXS1616AX

Optional Coaxial Introducer Needles

Product No Gauge Length Compatible (optional)
MCXS1610AX 15G  4.6 cm OBN16125
MCXS1616AX 15G 10.6 cm OBN16165