GasJet CO2 Insufflator

  • Provides warmed CO2 to aide in patient comfort
  • Offers low, medium, and high flow settings allowing the user to choose the flow rate needed based on the type of procedure
  • Connects to both tank and wall mount sources to accept tank or central supply of CO2

CO2 is absorbed 150 times faster than room air and is promptly eliminated via the lungs. COinsufflation is proven to result in faster procedures, quicker recovery times and more comfortable patients1. The Insufflator is a versatile carbon dioxide pumping system that connects to both wall and tank sources and offers variable flow rates – low, medium and high. When combined with the full line of disposable Endo SmartCap tubing and CO2  accessories, the Insufflator allows clinicians to offer an optimal procedure for patients.

1 ASGE Technology Committee. Technology Status Evaluation Report: The use of carbon dioxide in gastrointestinal endoscopy. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Volume 83, No. 5. 2016: 857-862 2.

The Insufflator is designed to use CO2 as a distention media in the GI tract when used in conjunction with an endoscope. The Insufflator contains a CO2 warming feature that allows the clinician to modulate and control delivery of CO2 to the patient that has been warmed to a target temperature 37° C. The clinician will use the air/water valve on the endoscope and visual feedback of the endoscopic system to manually distend the GI tract with CO2. The Insufflator is compatible with all major GI endoscopes.