Single-Use Broncho Videoscope

Scivita Medical single-use Broncho Videoscope is a disposable flexible endoscope for all the clinical needs of critical care and the bronchoscopy suite. A larger working channel bronchoscope for interventional procedures. The plug and play system allows ease of use from standard to difficult or emergency procedures.

This disposable bronchoscope is intended to use in conjunction with endoscopic image processor (HDVS-S100A) to provide images through the video monitor for observation, diagnosis, photography and treatment of the respiratory system such as trachea, bronchi, and lungs.

  • No Sterilisation
  • No Cross Infection
  • No Maintenance

3 Sizes, 5 Application areas: Single-use Bronchoscope

UltraSlim ø 2,8 mm, Regular ø 4,2 mm and Large ø 5,6 mm

Reference Field of View

Observation range

ø Insertion Section (OD) ø Working Channel (ID) Working Length Total Length Angulation range



0,5~120 mm

2,8 mm

1,2 mm 600 mm 920 mm

220° Up/Down



0,5~120 mm 4,2 mm 2,0 mm 600 mm 920 mm 220° Up/Down



0,5~120 mm 5,6 mm 2,8 mm 600 mm 920 mm 220° Up/Down


HDVS-S100A Endoscopic Image Processor

  • The processor is compatible with various monitors. 32'' monitor is highly recommended.

HDVS-S300A Full-HD Visualization Endoscopic Image Processor

  • Portable touch screen monitor with Full-HD resolution (1920×1080p) offering excellent imaging on 13.3" screen.