Fujifilm Satellite Symposium

Fujifilm symposium ESGEdays

Innovation of Quality in Colonoscopy. Detection, Characterisation and does size really matter?

The symposium aims to provide deeper insights into the latest endoscopic colonoscopy solutions from Fujifilm. The event will feature a range of live lectures and debates with outstanding speakers.

Chairs Prof Evelien Dekker, Netherlands
& Prof Raf Bisschops, Belgium

April 20th, 2023
16:45 –17:45 (GMT)

Venue ESGE Days Dublin
Wicklow Hall 2 (2th Floor)

Watch the complete Fujifilm Satellite Symposium "Innovation of quality in colonoscopy – detection, characterisation and does size really matter?"


The symposium was chaired by Prof Dekker and Prof Bisschops who led through an interesting discussion with international experts on the importance of measuring colonic polyps. It took place during ESGE DAYS 2023 on April 20th in Dublin.