Expert speaking | Artificial Intelligence in capsule endoscopy

Dr Gareth Corbett - Expert speaking - Duomed

The NaviCam® SB Video Capsule Endoscopy System is the first video capsule endoscopy system that uses a deep learning model-trained AI platform, ProScan™, to assist physicians in identifying pathology in the small bowel. 

We invited Dr. Gareth Corbett, consultant gastroenterologist at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge with extensive experience in upper and lower GI endoscopy, ERCP and capsule endoscopy, to talk about his experiences with the NaviCam system.

All small bowel capsule systems are not created equal. Using novel aspherical lens technology, which minimizes distortion, the NaviCam® SB has an image resolution of 640*480 (CMOS Imager), Variable Frame Rate of 0.5 – 6 FPS and an extended battery life over 16 hours (1fps). But what makes the NaviCam® SB System different is ProScan™ Intelligent Reading Support and is the driving reason why AnX Robotica is not just another capsule company.

How can endoscopy procedures benefit from the technology of NaviCam®? What is the main reason you decided to start with the system? How does NaviCam® improve your daily interventions? 

Dr Corbett is more than happy to share his perspective on these and many other questions in the interview below.

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