Expert speaking | Electroporation in Endoscopy

Expert speaking | Electroporation in Endoscopy

The role of pulsed electrical fields or electroporation, generated by the ePORE® which increases the cell membrane porosity of gastrointestinal cancers has been extensively researched and published on. A specially designed device, the EndoVE® , has been developed to enable the safe and effective application of pulses to GI cancers with a number of successful clinical studies now completed. 

We caught up with Mr Amyn Haji, international expert in interventional endoscopy for 11 years with a focus on the early diagnosis of colorectal cancer and complex polyps, to talk about his experiences in Electroporation in Endoscopy and the EndoVE® system. 

EndoVE® is designed for the safe application of pulsed electrical fields to gastrointestinal tissue. It can be used to treat solid tumours within the GI tract including oesophageal, gastric and colorectal cancers and potentially halt and reduce tumour growth allowing a wider range of treatment options.

How can Endoscopy procedures benefit from the technology of EndoVE®? What is the main reason you decided to start with the system? How does EndoVE® improve your daily interventions? 

Mr Haji is more than happy to share his perspective on these and many other questions in the interview below.

Do you want to receive more info about this innovative technology? Or do you want to experience the EndoVE® system yourself? Please do not hesitate to reach out!

Talking head interview - Mr Amyn Haji
Expert Mr Amyn Haji