Barrigel prostate spacer

Barrigel® is the only prostate spacer that can be sculpted in place to create an anatomical fit and further minimise the potential side effects of prostate radiation therapy.


For men diagnosed with prostate cancer, there are several good treatment options available. Radiation therapy is one treatment option which can greatly improve your prognosis and quality of life post diagnosis. Radiation therapy uses energy beams to ablate (destroy) cancer cells and stop them from spreading. With technological advances in radiation therapy, treatment planning is more accurate and more precise than ever before. That said, radiation beams can potentially affect healthy organs near the prostate. As a result of treatment, patients can experience bowel, urinary, and sexual complications. A prostate spacer helps to protect healthy organs by minimising radiation exposure to the rectum during treatment, and ultimately improving quality of life.

Barrigel is the first and only hyaluronic acid prostate spacer. Its unique sculptable gel formulation gives your surgeon unparalleled control during placement, resulting in a more personalised, complete fit.

Barrigel is made from Non-Animal Stabilised Hyaluronic Acid (known as NASHA®) and is fully absorbable by the body. It is proven to be safe and effective at minimising the complications associated with radiation therapy.1

Barrigel can be easily viewed during placement on ultrasound

Your surgeon can use the imaging, during the procedure, to direct and guide placement of the gel to achieve optimal placement and fit.


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Barrigel is an advanced prostate spacer made from hyaluronic acid - a substance naturally present in the human body. Barrigel is fully absorbable by the body, it is a biocompatible alternative to hydrogel spacers.


The unique sculptable nature of Barrigel remains soft during insertion allowing your physician to sculpt the spacer in place creating an optimal fit for your body.


BARRIGEL remains stable throughout the course of your treatment until it is safely and fully absorbed by your body.2


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Barrigel is the only gel spacer that can be viewed clearly on transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) during the procedure.3 This added visibility during insertion provides your physician greater control and precision over the placement of the spacer.


  • Barrigel is made from Non-Animal Stabilised Hyaluronic Acid (known as NASHA®
  • NASHA has been used for over two decades in more than 40 million procedures in men, women, and children worldwide4
  • NASHA is designed for precision and lifting,5 making it an ideal material for spacing